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All About Engagement Photos

Colorado Engagement Photography

Do you really need engagement photos? You probably already have plenty of photos with your spouse at this point, right? Especially if you’ve known each other for a long time. But believe it or not, engagement photos are an essential part of your wedding journey. Not only will taking them make for a great trial run between you and your wedding photographer (usually with booking and package discounts involved), but they make beautiful keepsakes in addition to their many other benefits. 

Why You Need Engagement Photos

The first reason is pretty obvious. Engagement photos capture the excitement and romance of your newly-committed union in a way that will preserve this unique time in your lives forever. And not just on someone’s phone, tucked away, lost in a digital album with all the other pets and plants you’ve thought to tap and shoot lately. A professional engagement session will capture you and your partner looking your best, captured and edited to joy-filled perfection.

Plus, knowing all lenses will be on you during the big day, an engagement shoot can be just the way to shake your nerves and get familiar with the process, and the people, who will capture your wedding day. Love your look in your engagement gallery? Use it as a springboard for your wedding style! Love the prompts your photographer uses? Remember their tips and tricks during your wedding portraits. 

Colorado Engagement Photography

How You’ll Use Them

From wedding websites to printed invites and a good old-fashioned “I love you” post on social media, your engagement photos have more uses than you probably realize. Having these professional photos at your disposal will help create a custom web design that will make your wedding site uniquely yours, AND keep your look and feel cohesive across printed materials like save-the-dates, thank you notes and holiday cards. And with plenty of sizes, poses and looks already documented, you’ll have your choice of options to fit the templates you’re working with.

But why stop there? Incorporate your engagement photos into the wedding itself with custom printed table numbers, favors or decor! Give gifts and cards for your families and wedding party a personal touch, or even cycle through a slideshow of your favorites in the back of your rehearsal dinner. 

Colorado Engagement Photography

How to Look Great

First… relax! Then check out my 12 tips on what to wear. Choose the details that help you be your best, like colors you love, clothing you feel great wearing, and locations that make you smile. Opt for simple hair and makeup, and traditional looks that will age well over trends that will fade, especially if you’re planning a long engagement or intend to use these photos for future events. Have fun! It’s not every day you get your very own photoshoot, and this one is shared with the love of your life.

Colorado Engagement Photography

Worried about looking and feeling awkward? I’ve got a post for that, too. (Tips for Non-Awkward Couples Photos.) Ready to get started? Take a look at my style, then check out my Engagement Photos Checklist. My goal is to capture timeless, authentic, and joy-filled moments that let your personality shine, all while putting you at ease. You deserve an unforgettable experience — one that culminates in stunning, timeless photos that will make your heart swell, from “Yes!” to “I do!”

Colorado Engagement Photography

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