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My Top 5 Colorado Wedding Jewelers

Thinking of popping the question? Odds are “best Colorado wedding jewelers” is in your search history. And why not? It all starts with a ring! Before the vows, before the cake, before the photo sessions and save-the-dates, there’s a question, a moment—and a ring. Photographing proposals is one of my favorite assignments, and you can be sure I’ll capture lots of detailed shots of that brand-new bling! It’s an important purchase, and one you should do your research on! So with that, here are five of the best Colorado wedding jewelers, straight from a Colorado wedding photographer! 

The Little Jewel (Boulder)

Ever been to the Pearl Street Mall? This little gem has been a staple since 1979, formerly known as the Gold and Silver Exchange. They’re family owned and operated, and offer a variety of pieces like custom or designer engagement rings and wedding bands for both partners. 

Their vibe: Eclectic/Unique

Their prices: The Little Jewel buys their pieces directly from designers, which saves you from any middle-man upcharges to keep prices affordable.

Luisa Graff Jewelers (Colorado Springs)

If you’re looking for timeless and stunning rings, Luisa Graff has you covered. They specialize in wedding and engagement pieces, including the Intrigue—an exclusive Luisa Graff precision-cut diamond.

Their vibe: Elegant/Classic

Their prices: While they’re a bit more on the pricey side (selling their own diamonds and all), they do offer flexible financing, making these knock-out pieces totally doable.

Brilliant Earth (Denver)

Even though the flagship store is in San Francisco, Brilliant Earth opened its Cherry Creek showroom in the summer of 2017. In addition to offering a wide variety of services and styles, they also commit to an ethical approach, including responsible sourcing, social impact and climate action initiatives.

Their vibe: Classic/Vintage-Inspired

Their prices: While some lab-grown diamonds can be a marketing ploy, and are generally over-priced, Brilliant Earth’s selection of ethically-sourced diamonds are fairly priced for their style and value.

John Atencio (Fort Collins)

John Atencio brings a unique perspective to jewelry design, creating show-stopping rings that serve as statements of personal expression. They’re known for distinctly dramatic diamond cuts and setting designs that break the mold of overly-symmetrical rings. Each piece is undeniably identifiable as John Atencio craftsmanship.

Their vibe: Avant-Garde

Their prices: Fair. You get what you pay for, right? These are bold, artistic and hand-drawn designs! You’ll get a one-of-a-kind ring, so keep an eye out for sales… they offer them from time to time!

Johannes Hunter Jewelers (Colorado Springs)

Colorado Springs’ premiere jeweler since 1988, Johannes Hunter is known for their exceptional customer service. Family owned and operated, they specialize in wedding and engagement rings that shine with style and sophistication.

Their vibe: Modern/Classic

Their prices: Johannes Hunter has a huge wedding collection, from timeless and classic to modern and alternative styles. As such, they have a ring for every taste, and every budget!

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