12 Tips for Outfits To Wear at Your Engagement Photo Session

Congrats — you’ve just gotten engaged! Now you’re probably thinking, “We need a photoshoot to document this joyous occasion!” It’s a big moment, and you may be feeling nervous; perhaps you’re not used to photoshoots, or maybe you’re thinking to yourself, “I spend most of my time in leggings … what should we wear to our engagement session?”

Here are 12 useful styling tips for picking outfits so you look and feel great at your engagement photo session.

  1. Wear Clothes You Feel Your Best In

    You don’t need to go out and buy a set of new clothes just because you think they will photograph well or because you “have to.” It’s important for you, as a couple, to feel good in what you’re wearing. If you like wearing jeans and a sweater, then this is the time!

  2. Consider a Color Scheme

    Pick a color palette that includes three to five colors (Pinterest is great for this!), and choose articles of clothing within that color scheme. You want to create a look that works together, rather than the result feeling like a jumbled collection of colors.

  3.  Choose Neutral Tones, Pastels, and Cool Colors

    As long as you don’t show up in neon or hot pink, I think you’ll be okay! Oftentimes, bright, bold colors can be beautiful if paired well together, but you don’t want people to look at your clothes before they look at your beautiful face! Going with pastels, cool tones, or neutrals — while adding a brighter accent with accessories — can look lovely.

  4. Complement Each Other, but Don’t Match

    Choose coordinating, but not matching, colors. For example, you could wear a beige or cream-colored sweater [and jeans?] while your fiancé wears khaki or dark beige pants [and a navy top?]. Look for complementary, solid colors. Another option is for one of you to wear a small print (think thin plaid over big polka dots) while your partner wears a solid color. Stay away from anything too busy to avoid distraction.

  5.  You Only Need, at Most, Two Outfits

    When preparing for your engagement session, it wouldn’t hurt to plan an additional outfit and bring it with you. Some people like to start in a more casual outfit and change into a more dressed-up outfit later.

  6. Pick Outfits that Flatter Your Body Type

    Identify your body type — pear-shaped, apple-shaped, busty, small chest, plus size, etc. — and look at guides on Pinterest for flattering styles. Think about the features of your body that you love the most, and look for outfits that allow you to accent and show off those aspects of your body.

  7.  Add Accessories Wherever You Can

    A few ideas include hats, scarves, a vest for layering, or even a jean jacket. These extra pieces add visual interest to the looks — and as a result, to the photos.

  8.  Classic Outshines a Trendy Outfit

    Go for clothing that is timeless: a sweater and jeans; an A-line dress. You want to be able to look back at your photos and not question your outfit selection.

  9. Keep Your Footwear in Mind

    If you’ll be doing a lot of walking, don’t wear heels. If you want to wear heels or wedges, start in tennis shoes and change when you get to the location spot. Nothing puts a damper on your session like being uncomfortable in your shoes after realizing there is more walking than you expected.

  10.  Ladies, Pack on-the-Go Make-up

    A little touch of color on your lips can brighten your entire face and give you that little extra glow! The photographer can always hold a few key makeup items that you love so you have access to them throughout the session.

  11.  Look Nice, but Be Comfortable

    Have you seen those engagement photos where the photographer asks one to jump on the other’s back for a piggyback ride? Or how about the over-the-shoulder toss? Be sure that the clothes you are wearing are comfortable and appropriate for just a little bit of movement. The action-related photos are what can really add the personality and fun photos!

  12.  Remember, This Isn’t Your Last Time Having Photos Taken

    You are starting the next chapter of your lives together, and with that comes a lifetime of photos! Don’t stress too much over what you should wear. Pick an outfit you like and feel good in, and remember that you can always go for another photo session for your first anniversary and beyond.

    This day is more than just a photo session — it’s a fun activity for you and your fiancé to enjoy together! Have fun and soak in this special time together!


Sarah Arnold (SArnold Photo) is a Colorado engagement and wedding photographer located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Her go-to photo outfit is a spaghetti strap dress with small prints or jeans paired with a neutral colored sweater.  Her favorite shoes are made by Pikolinos because they are fashionable, provide a little bit of a heal and comfortable for walking regardless the distance.

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