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Believe it or not, there are lots of misconceptions about natural light when it comes to photography. So how do you choose a time for the best outdoor photos? Do you know the best options? Do you know the worst options? Read on to time the best light for your outdoor photos, complete with explanations and tips on how to make the most out of each memorable moment.

Avoid Mid-day 

Too often I have clients who book in the middle of the day, thinking the sun shining high in the sky will get better, brighter results. While it certainly can be done, the middle of the day makes for a tricky time dodging shady dark spots, like the ones that come across people’s faces if they’re not placed directly in their own body’s shadow. 

So what if, for personal or professional reasons, you don’t have a choice and have to do your shoot in the middle of the day? This can especially be the case for weddings, where often times the family and bridal portraits are taken directly in the middle of the day. 

Here’s a couple of tricks to consider:

  • Scout the location and find a patch of shade! Being out of direct sun will make your face evenly lit and considerably boost the quality of your photos.
  • If you have control over the day, book an engagement session on a cloudy day. The overcast sky will actually help even the light across the subject of your photos! Clouds are fantastic. They act as a natural diffuser for the sun’s light, and while the mood of the photo might look a bit different on a cloudy day, you’re at least sure to get some nicely lit shots. (Which is always better and more flattering.) This option is obviously hard to predict, but if you can help it, I promise you’ll be happy with the results!

For the Best Outdoor Photos, Aim for Golden Hour

There’s a reason photographers swear by the golden hour, and we’re lucky it comes twice a day. “Golden Hour” is the first hour of light after sunrise, and the last one before sunset. The sun is low in the sky, bathing everything in a warm orange glow. It gives a beautiful effect to any photo, and offers plenty of options to get creative.

If you’re aiming for a more “daylight” mood, for professional photos for example, it is possible to plan your shoot shortly after (in the morning) or (in the evening) before the golden hour. This way the sun will be low enough in the sky to get a soft light, but high enough to get a brighter image.

To know what time the golden hour is in your area, check out this website and find your location on the map – or simply ask your photographer.

Consider Blue Hour Portraiture

Less known but one of the best, the blue hour is the hour that comes directly before the golden hour in the morning, and directly after in the evening. It’s that time when the sun is not visible on the horizon, but is still close enough to light the sky. It usually gives a blueish glow that really contrasts with the golden hour. It’s the softest light you can get, as it’s the only available light from the sun, and it’s completely indirect. 

That said, it can also be a bit tricky to get good results, since there is not as much available light to work with. On the whole though, it’s perfect for a very intimate feel, perfect for sunset photos with a bride and groom. You don’t need a ton of time, maybe just 10 minutes to capture a few stunning shots.

Colorado Wedding Photography
Colorado Wedding Photography
Colorado Wedding Photography


Whether you’re native, local, or planning a Rocky Mountain destination wedding, check out this list of my top 10 Colorado Springs wedding venues. Is your vibe industrial, country club or outdoor with mountain views? No matter your taste, I’m here to give you a wide variety of jumping off points! 

Pinery at the Hill

Trust me, this venue is as gorgeous as it is elegant! With views of the Colorado Springs skyline and iconic Pikes Peak, The Pinery offers affordable wedding packages and outstanding services that will leave you speechless.

Garden of the Gods Resort and Club 

Garden of the Gods is a stunning natural wonder. It’s a must-see attraction for anyone who visits the city (and even a regular staple for those of who live nearby)! Enjoy a luxury experience surrounded by beautiful mountain views so your guests can enjoy the scenic background of front range mountains and red rock formations. Select all the details of your big day, including elegant dinners, special wedding packages and spa treatments. This venue makes planning a whole weekend event a breeze! 

Flying W Ranch

Looking for a classic farmhouse feel? Nestled in the foothills of Pikes Peak, Flying W Ranch offers a farm-filled vibe that’s a perfect fit with the natural beauty of its towering red rocks. Plus, you’ll be in great hands! The Flying W Ranch grounds have provided guests with a wide variety of memorable spots for weddings, rehearsal luncheons, bridal showers and wedding parties for more than 60 years.

Clay Venue 

Industrial charm meets urban chic at CLAY! The white walls, exposed stone and cement floors are a creative couple’s dream. It’s a perfect blank-slate, just waiting for you to make each space come to life. Fill the rooms at CLAY with your own unique color, and let your personality shine!

The Broadmoor 

A venue well known in the community as a pinnacle of luxury and elegance, the historic Broadmoor hotel is the place to say “I do!” Plan your wedding weekend around activities like fly-fishing, golfing, spa days and tasty cuisine. Bonus: Check out this article for more tips and information on how to plan a luxurious wedding weekend at The Broadmoor! 

The Venue at Crooked Willow Farms 

If you’re looking for a quiet and elegant feel, The Venue at Crooked Willow Farms is the perfect place for your big day. Located in stunning Larkspur, Colorado, the scenic grounds are situated just 35 minutes north of Colorado Springs and south of Denver, making it the perfect spot for any couple with family and friends flying in for the big day. (Plus the beautiful courtyard, reception hall, bonus loft space, pond and rustic barn are a wedding photographer’s dream!)

Spruce Mountain Ranch 

A perfect blend of rustic elegance, Spruce Mountain Ranch is a 450-acre mountain venue, perfect for weddings and other events. The ranch features two separate properties located over a mile apart, each offering their own magnificent, hand-crafted detail and state of the art conveniences. 

The Oaks at Plum Creek

The Oaks is a one-of-a-kind wedding venue nestled in the rolling hills of Castle Rock, Colorado. Boasting stunning natural surroundings with incredible views of the area’s castle-shaped butte, this setting is hard to beat! Overlooking the 18th hole of the beautiful Plum Creek Golf Course, The Oaks is a truly spectacular destination that all your guests will love.

Creekside Event Center

Are you a bride who likes options? Creekside Event Center has six unique indoor and outdoor spaces, each capable of holding up to 300 people. Are you a bride who likes a good deal? Their value-packed, all-inclusive packages (combined with their team of wedding professionals) will make your planning process fun and enjoyable from start to finish.

The Venue at Almagre 

My favorite thing about the Venue at Almagre? The flexibility! Bring your perfect vision to life in this urban/industrial space that offers a chic, blank canvas full of natural light, chandeliers, and wood accent walls. Whether you’re going for a rustic ceremony or a boho feel, ALMAGRE is perfect for any couple’s unique style.

Ready to plan your Colorado Springs wedding?

Check out my ultimate wedding planning timeline, and consider an investment in photography for your big day!

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