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Tips for Non-Awkward Couples Photos

Couples Photos

When it comes to celebrating your relationship, feeling like yourself should come naturally. With couples photos, my goal is always to capture timeless, authentic, and joy-filled moments that let your personalities shine, but let’s face it, there’s nothing authentic about standing together in front of a stranger being asked to kiss and pose. What you’re usually left with are photos of forced embraces, stiff body language and staged smiles that hardly capture your love as it truly is. Sound familiar? Let me put you at ease. Read on for five great tips for a non-awkward couples session!

1. Get to Know your Photographer

No matter who you’ve chosen to document your love story, make sure you take some time to get to know them… even if that’s just clicking around on their website and social media. Make sure your personalities will work well together, and that you like their style of couples photos. 

Me? I come from Wisconsin, where we value hard work, connection, and trust. I’ll work hard for you — not only in beautifully documenting your story, but also in making sure that you have a great experience. We’ll spend time getting to know each other before your shoot so we arrive on site feeling like old friends. I’ll come armed with prompts and strategies to make you feel so comfortable, you’ll forget I’m there!

2. Be in the Moment

Whether you’re just starting your courtship or you’ve been married 50+ years, no doubt there are other things pulling your mind apart from your significant other on any given day. “Did I remember to text him/her back?” “Did I ever answer that email?” “Did either of us remember to pick up those chips at the store?” “Did I even remember to ask him to pick up some chips?” You get my drift. 

Enjoy this uninterrupted time together and clear your mind of any distractions. Easier said than done, right? Just take a deep breath, notice your surroundings and take things one step at a time. Afterall, you want these images to highlight YOU, not your stress or to-do list. 

Colorado couples photos

3. Don’t go for “Perfect”

Believe it or not, perfect couples photos aren’t usually born from perfect moments. They come when your true personalities shine through each image—and I’ve yet to meet anyone who’s perfect! Trying too hard can create some pretty awkward poses, not to mention the stress it will put on both you and your significant other.

Have a few poses in mind, and I will, too. But don’t rehearse, and don’t try to copy something you saw or like exactly. The best couples photos happen in those “in-between” moments that let your love for each other be the main focus.

Colorado couples photography

4. Create your own Confidence

No one knows your relationship better than you, and that knowledge can go a long way in creating both comfort and confidence in your photos—from choosing a location to choosing your outfits. If you’d never go on a nature walk together in formal attire, why take your photos that way? Trust me. Years from now, you’ll want images of your love that are timeless, not trendy. 

I recommend complimenting outfits (but not matching), and choosing a place where you’re both comfortable. Do you like to go on walks together? I’ll help you choose the perfect outdoor spot. Maybe there’s a city you both love, or a district you frequent for date nights. Or if you like to hang out and lay low, your home or yard might be the perfect spot. No matter what the details of your love story are, your photos should reflect the looks and places that make you happy. 

Couples photography

5. Communication is Key

This may go without saying, but never assume anything goes without saying! Couples photos are a two-person thing, and being on the same page can make a huge difference in the final product. Talk to your person. Make sure you’re both comfortable with the session, the clothing and the locations. Make sure you’re both hoping for the same types of photos, and figure out shared comfort zones. 

Then, share that information with your photographer! We’ll come prepared with ideas and tips from other successful shoots, but knowing what works best for you personally, and what will best tell your unique story, will help us create the most authentic and joy-filled images. You deserve an unforgettable experience — one that culminates in stunning, timeless photos that will make your heart swell! 

Ready to book your couples session? Check out some of my work over on Instagram, and read more about the couples experience here

Colorado couples photography

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