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A Wedding Photographer on Videography

Hiring a wedding photographer is probably already on your planning list, or is maybe even a detail you’ve already checked off. But if you want to have video of your big day as well, there are a few more details to consider! Having video from your wedding can be a gorgeous addition to your keepsakes, but it does add another visual/media ball to juggle. Sounds daunting? Don’t worry. Here are five tips to get you well on your way to a perfectly-captured event.

1. Expect to hire two professionals

Not every wedding photographer is a videographer, and vice versa. Do your research! Sometimes you can find a professional who provides both services, or two companies that work together as partners. But the bottom line? Everyone has the same goal—to give you the best-kept memories from your big day. And in order to do that, it’s likely going to take two professionals, even in a one-company operation. So establish your budget and needs early. That way you know just what you’re looking for, and everyone can focus on their unique responsibilities. 

Wedding Photographer

2. Compare styles

You know your style better than anyone, and you know the vibe you’re going for when it comes to your big day. I always recommend finding a wedding photographer who’s style aligns with your vision, but it’s also important to make sure the styles of your wedding photographer and videographer are cohesive. Your wedding day should be glowing with personal style and personality. That includes your photos and video! Look for examples of each professional’s work, and take a look at them side-by-side. You’ve worked hard to make sure all the wedding details work together, from the invitations to the flowers and the dresses. Media elements should be no different! 

Wedding Photographer

3. Ask questions

Is your wedding photographer good with collaboration and compromise? Have they worked with your videographer before? Do they have preferred partners when it comes to videography? Is there any part of the ceremony or reception they’re territorial over? It’s important to ask these questions of both companies when considering them for hire. We’ve already gone over a few other questions to ask during the interview process, but if you know you’re going to hire a videographer as well, make sure you adjust this list accordingly to make sure everyone knows the key players and how they’ll be interacting throughout the process. 

Wedding Photographer

4. Prepare both parties

I always encourage creating a connection between your wedding photographer and videographer early on, making sure everyone is as prepared for the big day as the bride and groom. Both teams will need your schedule for the day, and the lay of the land. Have a walkthrough scheduled? Invite both your wedding photographer and videographer to come along. If you want your media team to work well together, it’s important that you give them every opportunity to be on the same page. 

Wedding Photographer

5. Open the lines of communication

Once you’ve booked a wedding photographer and a videographer, reach out and let each one know who they’ll be working with. It’s a big industry, but especially in smaller towns or venues with preferred vendors, chances are they’ve worked together before… and when they have, it’s magic! Put your professionals in touch, whether that’s via email, Zoom, or in-person coffee. Start conversations to compare timelines, location overlaps and individual needs. This will allow both parties to make sure you walk away with perfectly-captured memories.

Wedding Photographer

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