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Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

When it comes to choosing the details of your wedding day, research is important. After all, you’re marrying the love of your life—a literal dream come true! Choosing a wedding photographer should be no different. After you’ve chosen some final candidates, it’s time to get serious. Here are five important questions to ask your wedding photographer:

1. “How would you describe your style?”

If a photographer has a distinguished brand, and can effectively communicate that style to you, they’ve proven that they’re taking this task as seriously as you are. Good partners play to their strengths, and photographers are no different. Knowing those strengths, acknowledging them, and using them to capture your dream day in the best possible way will give you an intentional partnership, and someone you can trust to deliver. Simply put, being prepared to answer this question is as important as the answer itself—that’s why it’s one of the most important questions to ask your wedding photographer.

Colorado Wedding Photography

2. “Does the package I’m interested in include an assistant?”

Some wedding photographers bring along a second set of hands on the big day since there’s so much to capture (think someone capturing the bride’s big entrance while someone else captures the groom’s reaction). Others have fine-tuned their process of being a well-oiled, one-person show. The important question to ask your wedding photographer? What will you get for the price you’re paying? There’s nothing worse than wanting another set of hands and eyes, only to find out that will push you over budget. 

questions to ask your wedding photographer

3. “What happens in case of emergency?”

Just like planning for rain with an outdoor wedding venue, contingency plans should be in place with your photographer, too. Traffic jams happen, as does sickness, equipment failure and schedule delays. If any emergency situations transpire, trust me, you’ll have enough surprises on your hands! Knowing what to expect in the event things don’t go as planned can give you peace of mind where your photos are concerned—and proof your photographer is professional enough to have thought these things through. 

4. “What can I expect after the big day?”

Unlike most of your other vendors, your photographer’s involvement doesn’t end after “I do.” So what comes next? When can you expect to have your images? How many will there be, and how will they be delivered? Will they be color-corrected? Will you have a say in how they’re edited? All of these are important questions to ask your wedding photographer. The less guesswork, the better—even after the big day.

5. “What does your day’s schedule look like?”

Most photographers will list their on-the-clock hours in the details of the package you select, but what about the exact schedule of your big day? How early would they like to arrive at the venue? If the wedding/reception lasts beyond the agreed upon hours, will they stay to grab those final departure shots? How much will that additional time cost? Are they working any other events that weekend? All of these answers will give you an honest look at a photographer’s ability to dedicate themself to your event with no surprises. 

If you’ve checked out my work and are ready to inquire, now’s the time to reach out and get started. Send me a message. I’m happy to answer all of these important questions and more as we create an unforgettable experience—one that results in timeless, joy-filled photos that make your heart swell!

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