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Photo Gifts (And Why Less is More)

Here come the holidays, so let’s talk about photo gifts! Giving presents is an ancient tradition, likely to be as old as humanity itself. Even penguins give each other shiny pebbles to show affection! In this day and age, everyone has an Amazon Wish List ready to go, but to me, it’s the personal gifts that are truly special. And while nowadays you can throw your photos onto any keychain, paperweight, magnet and calendar, it’s the simple statement gifts that often have the biggest impact.

Just like your recipient, simple photo gifts are one of a kind and can’t be replaced. They’re warm, personal, thoughtful, and meaningful. Plus, when you give personalized photo gifts, you’re giving something you created just for the recipient, celebrating their unique personality and the memorable moments that brought you to this holiday season. Ready to start shopping? Check out why I love these simple photo gifts below, and spread some holiday cheer with memories the whole family will love and enjoy! 

Give a Photo Book

In a fast-paced, digital world, there’s nothing quite like a tangible photo book to stop the clock and put your favorite memories right in your recipient’s hands. We all know and love old photo albums, and a custom-printed photo book is the perfect update for 2023! Give a gift that can be shared for generations. Condense your digital albums to the best of the best, and share a thoughtful photo gift that can be opened with love and excitement again and again. Make a family timeline, create a keepsake of a trip or event from the last year, or fill up those pages with all the grandkids. Speaking of grandkids… go with a board book to teach those babies all about their families!

Give a Canvas Print

Like I said, you can throw your photos on just about anything these days. Why not let the images speak for themselves? With the right gallery from a professional photographer, those memories will shine all on their own—no gimmicks, no tchotchkes. Besides, studies have shown that having photo prints in your home brings on a sense of fulfillment and love, promoting positive psychological health. How can you give a better gift than that? A large canvas print of a wedding or family portrait makes a stunning gift that’s simple and elegant, and highlights the brilliance of the photo—and its subjects.

Give Framed Prints

What’s great about giving framed professional prints? Think all the benefits of a canvas, with the added bonus of personal touch and versatility. While a canvas makes a gorgeous statement, framed prints allow you to add your own spin by choosing a unique frame, and it gives the recipient the gift of choice. Showcase these photo gifts at home, in an office, or anywhere else your recipient needs an added reason to smile and reminisce. Another bonus? Photos inside the frame can be swapped out time and time again. But take it from me—invest in professional prints. I know it seems extra, but there’s a reason those convenience store kiosk prints are so cheap. Trust me. Spring for the real ones! Your images deserve the best.

Give a Photo Session

Photo gifts plagued by low–resolution images? Are you more of an experience giver than a giver of things? Give the gift of a photo session! Contact a photographer, choose a package and pay up-front, then leave the details and scheduling up to the recipient. Give the gift of having fun making plans and getting all dressed up, and end up with a gallery of gorgeous professional photos they’ll have (and love) forever. This one is perfect for families, brides- and grooms-to-be, or seniors on their way to graduation! 

For the Best Photo Gifts: Reach out to the Photographer!

Odds are, if your recipient has photos handy, they’ve posted them on social media—and tagged their photographer. Reach out and ask if they have a gift store, or any favorite vendors or discount codes for certain products. This business creates a lot of connections, and we’re all hoping to make your gifts matter this holiday season. We’re also pretty knowledgeable when it comes to what showcases our work best—and what’s popular among clients!

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