Winter wedding

How to Nail a Winter Wedding

Have you felt that cool breeze in the air lately? The holidays are on their way, and if the goosebumps on your arms are accompanied by butterflies in your stomach, your winter wedding is probably on its way, too. Are you prepared for the big day? Whether you’re weeks away from your dream wedding or you’re working toward winter 2024, here are my top five tips for a gorgeous winter wedding.

1. Embrace the Season

Did you know only 11 percent of weddings took place outside the traditional May-October wedding season last year? A winter wedding is a stunning event to plan, and gives you the opportunity to create a day that’s both fresh and unique to this industry. So when you’re preparing for your winter wedding, it’s important to embrace the season! Choose a seasonal menu full of hearty soups, winter salads and festive comfort foods. Embrace rich velvets for fabrics and warm hues for colors. Worried about losing the natural light too early? Fairy lights and candles can create the perfect cozy mood—and make for some gorgeous photos!

2. Give Yourself Time

With winter being a unique wedding season, it’s easy to think dates and venues will have plenty of availability, or your guests will have plenty of days off to spend with you. But holiday travel and events book early, and your vendors will, too! Be sure to start planning in advance, and give your guests plenty of time to coordinate holiday calendars with save-the-dates at least six months out.

Even if your winter wedding plans are well underway, this tip applies to the day itself, too. Roads are icy and snow can cause delays, so make sure you give yourself (and your wedding party) plenty of time to commute and prepare. 

3. Consider your Guests

It’s always important to make your friends and family feel welcome on your big day, but with a winter wedding, those steps of comfort for your guests look a little different than the traditional ushers and cocktail hours. Planning an indoor ceremony or reception? Make sure you have a coat check upon arrival, and have plenty of coordinated mats handy for snowy shoes. Any outdoor events? Consider serving warm beverages, or passing out blankets with your programs. If you’re passing out favors, opt for some seasonal favorites like mulled wine spices, mittens, or cozy candles. 

4. Warm up with Layers

Nothing can take you out of a romantic mood faster than cold feet—and I don’t just mean nerves! If you’re walking from space to space, have some cute boots handy to change in and out of, and make sure your bridesmaids do the same. Long dress? Grab some thick or fleece-lined tights to keep your feet and legs toasty. Your accessories and outerwear will be on full display, so make sure you’re prepared with chic layers (for you AND your wedding party!)

5. Prepare for Emergencies

Contingency plans are a part of any event, but they’re especially important for a winter wedding. If you’re planning to use any outdoor spaces, make sure there’s an indoor option that’s available and convenient—winter weather is so unpredictable! Are you providing transportation for your guests? Make sure you have backups available if conditions are bad, and alternate routes ready to communicate if roads are closed. Keep an eye on the airlines, too… your honeymoon travel plans might be delayed!

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