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Wedding Day Hair and Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

Your wedding day is easily one of the most photographed days of your life, so it’s no wonder brides and their wedding parties go above and beyond to look their best. And while we’ve all searched the internet and built our Pinterest boards with the perfect hair and makeup looks, we tend to focus on what looks pretty — and lose sight of what might not be functional or best in the long run! Keep dreaming, and keep pinning everything you do want… but read on for a few things you might not. Speaking as someone who’s photographed a wedding or two, here’s my top five wedding day hair and makeup mistakes to avoid.

Wedding Day Hair and Makeup Mistake #1: Trying Something New (at the last minute!)

Don’t get me wrong… if you want a new look for your big day, go for it! Just don’t wait until your wedding month to take the plunge. When it comes to beauty products, makeup looks, haircuts and colors, it’s best to test it out in advance, when there’s plenty of time to correct (or regrow!) anything you don’t like as much after all. There will be plenty of other things to worry about on your big day. Making a plan, playing in advance and having a glam trial set up are all great ways to avoid any surprises or disappointments when it comes to your wedding day hair and makeup.

Wedding Day Hair and Makeup

Mistake #2: Getting Too Trendy (and dating yourself later!)

Trust me, there’s a difference between being fashion-forward and falling into trend traps. Remember looking at your parents and grandparents’ school photos? The blue eye shadow and Farrah Fawcett Flips haven’t exactly stood the test of time, and neither will anything we’re all sporting right now. Your wedding photos will be the images you cherish for years to come, and the ones you show and pass down to the next generations! Make sure your wedding day hair and makeup can stand the test of time as something you’re proud to share.

Mistake #3: Catering to Your Inspo (and not to yourself!)

Hair-spiration is a beautiful thing, and is usually super helpful for whoever is styling you. But odds are, the bride in the photo is not you… and this is YOUR big day! When choosing your makeup look and colors, make sure you’re looking at things that will work with your skin tone, face shape, eye shape, eye color, etc. The same thing goes with your hair! Does your dream up-do work with your natural hair texture? Will it match the style of your dress? Does everything bring out the very best in your features? Have your inspiration handy, but don’t be afraid to personalize your final look into something that works perfectly for you!

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Mistake #4: Disregarding the Weather (even if your wedding is indoors!)

Does your hair get frizzy in humidity? Does your skin dry out in dry air? Wherever your ceremony takes place, it’s important to consider the weather when putting together a plan for your wedding day hair and makeup… especially if you’re planning on taking any photos outside! If it’s typically windy, opt for a hairstyle that’s not going to blow in front of your face all day. If it’s typically sunny, make sure your makeup products (and any parts in your hair!) are armed with an adequate SPF. Need some extra moisture or setting power? Have your favorite products handy! You can usually look up a city’s monthly average well in advance, but it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your detailed local forecast as the big day gets closer. 

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Wedding Day Hair and Makeup Mistake #5:  Too Much Drama (and not enough shine!)

There’s something timeless and stunning about black and white wedding photos, am I right? Well nothing stands in the way of those images more than going too dramatic with your wedding day hair and makeup! When it comes to your hair, make sure nothing is slicked back too severely (so you don’t photograph bald from the front), and make sure any smokey eyes won’t become sunglasses when your images are converted to black and white. There are plenty of ways to make a dramatic statement without compromising your photographs… Remember, we want this day to last forever! How it photographs is just as important as how it looks in person. (And no one wants to spend the whole day touching up and maintaining a dark or heavy look!) Don’t hide yourself behind too much drama, and opt to let your beautiful self shine!

No matter your style, having a plan, doing a trial and making a day-of schedule are the tried and true ways to avoid any wedding day hair and makeup mistakes. Play to your strengths, do what makes you feel beautiful, and above all else, be YOU! Beauty trends come and go. Your love is forever! Let’s capture a timeless day that will make your heart swell.

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