Just Black and White Wedding Photos

Black and white photos are such a popular choice when it comes to your wedding gallery. The pictures taken throughout your day will capture once-in-a-lifetime memories as well as quiet moments between newlyweds, and a black and white filter can turn a fleeting moment into a frameable memory that will last a lifetime. 

So why include black and white photos? Simply put, removing the colors can make all the little details jump out and shine in their own significance. Black and white wedding photos elevate the beauty of the day, and seem to slow down moments that pass by too quickly. They can increase the romance of sweet moments, and make any wedding venue look even more dramatic. No noise, no distractions. Only the details of each precious moment displayed in the most intimate way.

Black and white wedding photos also give your photographer a chance to play with focus, and make for some absolutely stunning shots (think bride and groom walking away into the distance and into their future together). Black and white wedding photos will emphasize the details of your wedding dress, and most of all, capture the picture-perfect moments with a timeless quality that allows you to see only you.

See what I mean? While all the colors and hues you’ve designed will contribute to a magical day, be sure to capture some photos that strip it all down to what matters the most. After all, black and white will never go out of style!

Ready to choose a photographer for your big day? Send me an inquiry! I’d love to capture your love in a timeless and authentic way.

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