How To Turn Your Pinterest Board Into Your Dream Wedding

Whether you’ve had wedding boards on Pinterest since you were little, or if you’re new to the game, all that inspiration can be a bit overwhelming. Take a deep breath. I’m here to help with three simple steps to turn your Pinterest board into your dream wedding!

With the whole world right at your fingertips, I think we can all agree that the Internet has made wedding planning a whole lot easier. At the same time, tools like Pinterest, with all its resources and information, can be a lot… especially if you’re not purposeful with your pins. When it’s time to take those images and make them a reality, it can be hard to sift through the seemingly infinite images and come up with an actual wedding plan. That’s where these steps come in.

Once you’ve explored the ocean of possibilities, and I encourage you to dive in and explore to your heart’s content, it’s time to get started and turn your Pinterest board into your dream wedding.

Step 1: Categorize

It’s easy to be overwhelmed when you’re staring down hundreds (and hundreds) of inspirational images – let alone when you’re trying to find one in particular, or trying to narrow things down. Relieve your own stress and separate your wedding pins onto different wedding boards. Not only will it make things easier to find, but it will allow you to look at things side-by-side to compare the different options… which will make Step 2 a whole lot easier! Need some help getting things all sorted out? Here are some boards I’d recommend to get you started: 

  • Catering & Food
  • Cocktails & Drinks
  • Color Palettes
  • Decor
  • Dresses
  • Fashion Inspiration (shoes, jewelry, etc.)
  • Flowers & Floral Design
  • Hair & Makeup
  • Invitations & Paper Elements
  • Locations & Venues
  • Wedding Party Attire

Step 2: Edit

Once everything is living happily in its place, start to pull the similar items together onto new boards (think “Bouquets” or “Boutineers” from “Flowers,” or “Champagne Bridesmaids Dresses” from “Wedding Party Attire”). As things start to fall into place, you’ll be able to see your genuine favorites start to emerge — like having 20 strapless ball gowns saved but only one long-sleeved fit-and-flare dress. Then it’s time for some editing… and a Master Wedding Board.

Go through your individual boards, pull out your top 2 or 3 pins from each one, and save them to a Dream Wedding (or Master) board. This lets you wean out anything that’s NOT a top 3 contender, and lets you start to see how everything will look together in one place. If something doesn’t match, swap it out for something more appropriate from the applicable board. It’s hard to make compromises for the good of the big picture, but in the end, you’ve pinned everything for a reason. It will all be worth it!

Step 3: Show and Tell

Now that you’ve narrowed things down and organized your inspiration, it’s time to take these boards on the road! Download the app (if you haven’t already), or have screenshots handy on your phone. Going to a bridal boutique? Your top 3 favorite dresses are at your fingertips, along with your preferences for hair, shoes, veils, etc. Visiting with a florist? Show them what you’re thinking with a few favorite arrangements. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, right? So showing your planners and vendor contacts what you’re thinking can certainly go a long way. 

Once you’ve shared a tangible way to see your vision, the experienced professionals can use their skills to make recommendations and turn your Pinterest board into your dream wedding. But don’t forget about the second half of this tip… it’s show and tell. I know it sounds simple, but if you want to bring your pins to life, you have to ask. Whether it’s wanting a certain style in a different color, the logistics of a champagne fountain or s’mores stations instead of a traditional cake, speak up! It never hurts to ask, and if it’s outside the wheelhouse of whomever you’re talking to, odds are they can point you toward someone else who can help.

Bonus Tips

Still overwhelmed? Here’s a few more tips and tricks (from a person whose been to a wedding or two):

  • Pick up some paint samples. I know this sounds strange, but trust me. You’ll be glad you did! Call me old school, but I’m still under the assumption that technology can sometimes fail. So once you’ve chosen your color palette, head to your local hardware store and grab some of those paint color cards from the big wall — one for every color you want to incorporate into your wedding — then throw them into your wallet or purse so you can pull them out whenever you need. Digital images can be small or hard to see, and your phone can run out of batteries. This free resource is a great way to make sure everything matches and looks good together, even when your apps aren’t available.
  • Start a photography board! Just what you need, more wedding pins, right? But seriously, if you see a style of photography you love (dramatic shots vs. candid, etc.), or a pose or moment you want to be sure you capture or recreate, having those images handy can give your photographer a better idea of what they’re aiming to deliver. Follow the steps above to see your unique style emerge, then compare your vision to different galleries and posts from the photographers you’re interested in. If your styles align, send an inquiry! You can secure your date, get excited about engagement photos, and check something big off the list as you turn your Pinterest board into your dream wedding.
  • Trust the experts – they’re professionals for a reason! While it’s great to have your dream day encapsulated perfectly in the digital world, all the gorgeous pins in the world won’t make roses in season for your winter or Valentine’s Day wedding. Nor will the perfect dream photos match your actual real-life budget. This is where industry professionals come in! Most of us have been doing this for a while and know how to achieve the vibe you’re going for. Let the pins be your guide, then let your team help you make them your own. After all, you want your big day to celebrate YOUR union, not whoever posted the original pin!

Whether you’re inching closer to the big day, planning for the future or just getting your post-engagement feet wet, there’s plenty of memorable moments throughout this process. Don’t forget to look up from the inspirational images to take some of your own! This season of planning and anticipation doesn’t come around every day. Let’s capture the joy-filled moments together.

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