Wedding Trends


Sure… your love is forever, but wedding trends come and go. If you’re working on the details of a 2024 wedding, there are definitely some popular changes to the industry, and some you’re definitely going to want to embrace! Stay in style as you celebrate a timeless love story with these five wedding trends for 2024:

1. Restaurant Receptions

You read that wedding trend right—Restaurants aren’t just for rehearsal dinners anymore! Turn your favorite date night spot into the perfect place to celebrate your nuptials. Depending on where your heart and stomach connect, renting out a restaurant for an evening can be considerably easier on your budget than snagging a reception venue, and most will let you decorate for the occasion with wedding colors and personal touches. Different dining areas can be utilized in different ways (think dinner, dessert stations and a cleared floor for dancing), and you can add tons of your own personality to your already favorite food to make the day feel like your own.

2. Intimate/Low-Key Ceremonies

According to expert wedding planners, 2024 will be the year we say farewell to over-the-top spectacles, and say hello to intimate ceremonies that foster a sense of community and friendly accessibility. So ditch the razzle dazzle and giant floral arrangements, and gather your intimate guest list around a big family table instead. This trend lends itself to memorable ceremonies that are warmer, more meaningful, less formal and more comfortable for everyone.

3. Two-Day Events

If you’re on board with the intimate ceremony trend, but still want to dance the night away with an unforgettable party, you’re in luck. Friday night ceremonies and Saturday receptions is one of the biggest wedding trends making a splash in 2024! Even without keeping your ceremony small, planning a two-day wedding event can keep the ceremony from cutting into reception daylight and time, and keep the celebration from overshadowing the vows. Give each piece it’s due, and have twice the fun with double the days to remember.

4. Digital Guest Books

While there will always be space in the wedding industry for the old fashioned letterpress, wedding trends have long been highlighting the digital age, from the need for a wedding website to online registries and RSVPs. The next piece of a wedding now trending digital? The guestbook! Instead of asking your guests to sign a book, ask them to record a voice memo, short video or photo gallery with their well wishes. They’ll have fun embracing the technology and mediums we use every day. You’ll have fun watching and playing your messages in a more personal and interactive way!

5. Less-Formal Photography

Don’t get me wrong, here. Bridal portraits are still a must. But current wedding trends are all about the candid image. Think documentary-style photography, perfectly capturing moments as moments, not poses. It’s 2024… Your wedding photographer is also your content creator! This more relaxed approach to wedding photography allows others who weren’t there to experience your event as if they were there, documenting real-time memories you can share on any platform.