newborn photos


If you’ve decided to take professional newborn photos, and I highly suggest that you do, it’s time to prepare yourself for an unpredictable experience! As hard as we try, babies always seem to know how to catch us off guard. But let’s be real. What is parenthood if not a crash course in rolling with the punches? You’ve got this, mamas, and I’m here to help. Here are my five favorite must-haves for non-fussy newborn photos, straight from a professional photographer… and mom

Newborn Photos Must-Have #1: Snacks

As temperamental as babies may be, one thing is timelessly certain: A full baby is a happy baby. While I covered bringing baby to their newborn photos with a full tummy in the entry linked above, it’s also a good idea to bring plenty of bottles (or other munchies, depending on baby’s age and diet) with you, too. A photo shoot can bring plenty of new and unfamiliar things to a newborn’s radar. Sometimes a little tummy top-off is just the ticket for comfort and joy!

Must-Have #2: Snuggles

It should come as no surprise that the best source of comfort to your baby is, well… you! While your newest edition is obviously the focal point of any newborn photos, don’t be afraid to jump into some shots yourself — even if just your shoulder, lap, or hands. Studies have shown that snuggling your baby creates a surge of oxytocin (the happy love hormone), relieves stress, and even regulates breathing, heart rate and blood sugar in infants. If it’s a fussy kind of day, your touch might be the difference between scowls and smiles!

Newborn Photos Must-Have #3: Sounds

Like I said, newborn photos can bring lots of new and exciting things to a baby’s attention. And while it might be exciting and fun to some, other babies prefer the familiar to put their best face forward. Consider bringing some white noise or soothing music to your photo shoot, especially if your baby sleeps with a sound machine or has a favorite song/sound. Do you sing to your newborn as you rock them gently each day? You might want to give that a try, too. Nothing soothes a fussy baby like the voice of a parent or sibling! Shake off those nerves… Your song will last a minute or two, but a happy baby image will last forever. 

Must-Have #4: Swaddles

There’s a reason hospitals still recommend swaddling your newborn. Swaddles create a safe and cozy position that provides extra comfort and security—two things you’ll want to promote when taking newborn photos! Taking some sweet swaddled photos almost guarantees peaceful, fuss-free pictures. It also limits the need for wardrobe changes (making baby cold or disrupting their groove), and keeps baby warm… an essential part of keeping everyone happy! So practice your safe swaddles, or check to see if your photographer has mastered the technique. Bring some blankets in the beautiful colors you choose for your newborn photos, or a made-to-swaddle wrap or sleep sack like these

Newborn Photos Must-Have #5: Smells

Just like the tricks of bringing along familiar sounds, some comforting smells might be the key to your non-fussy newborn photos. Does your nursery have a diffuser, humidifier or plant? Do you use essential oils or a specific detergent/fabric softener? What about baby lotions, or a soft perfume or cologne baby will associate with mom and dad? Research has shown that having the scents that soothe handy can slow quickened breath and heartbeats, calm an anxious nervous system, and even slow racing thoughts. It’s a simple way to help your baby be their best!