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Are Newborn Photos Worth It? (Yes!)

Preparing for a new baby can take up most of your time and attention, and it’s totally understandable if newborn photos are the last thing on your mind! So consider this your gentle reminder that taking them is absolutely worth it. Trust me, I know between the feeding, the diapers, the laundry, the naps and probably more laundry, it’s hard to see the moments you’ll never have back from behind heavy eyelids. That’s why it’s important to capture them from behind the lens! And while I’m sure your iPhone’s camera roll will see hundreds of baby photos in those first weeks (and months… and years…), there’s something to be said for taking the time to do it right, with a real camera and a professional photographer. It all goes by so quickly. Newborn photos make the moments last forever!

Why should I take professional newborn photos?

I know it feels like another thing you need to handle and deal with, but in my experience, I’ve been hard-pressed to find a parent who regrets taking newborn photos. Hiring a professional guarantees that your baby is in qualified, well-trained hands, can be posed gently with your guidance, and that all the necessary backdrops and props are completely safe and baby approved. 

And while it might feel like an inconvenience (you’re dealing with enough right now, right?), a professional photo session might actually give you a chance to relax, let someone else take charge, and spend some time feeling human again. Plus, at the end of the day, you’ll have professionally lit, professionally edited and professionally composed photos of your precious baby that will last so much longer than the sleepless nights. Hard to find a downside to that!

When should I schedule newborn photos?

In a perfect world, try and schedule your newborn photos sometime during your third trimester. Why? Most professional photographers book up quickly, or only reserve a day or two each week (or month) for baby sessions. But let’s face it—babies are as unpredictable as that final trimester itself! If baby is already here, that’s okay, too. Just try and get on a schedule sometime within that very first week with your bundle of joy. 

If you want to capture your baby in their tiniest, squishiest state, I recommend taking professional newborn photos between 5 and 10 days old. Be sure to give yourself enough time to be home from the hospital and as settled as you can, then schedule your shoot. If getting settled takes a bit longer, no worries! Anywhere from one to three weeks works just fine. Babies are their sleepiest and snuggliest up to two weeks old while they adjust to life outside their cozy wombs. 

If your newborn photos are scheduled between two and four weeks, baby is more awake and alert, which can pose some challenges for both you and your photographer. But don’t let that give you stress! You can still have an amazing session with these happy baby tips: 

1. Feed your baby

I’ve known so many clients who try to power through a fussy photoshoot because they don’t want to pause and inconvenience the photographer. But guess what! We want to get those happy, sleepy, perfect shots just as much as you do. Plan to bring your baby to the session with a full tummy, but if hunger strikes, don’t be afraid to ask for a few minutes for bottles or feeding.

2. Keep it warm

If you’re shooting in a studio, your photographer likely already knows this one. But if you’re taking newborn photos in the comfort of your home (which I actually recommend!), resist the urge to crank the A/C—even in the summer, and even when your postpartum hormones are working overtime. Remember, babies are used to feeling safe inside a body, chilling at a steady 98.6 degrees. I’m not saying to bump your furnace up to 100 degrees, but just keep in mind that babies are happiest when warm. (And you can get everything back to normal temps as soon as your session is over!)

3. Plan for the worst

I know, it’s hard to imagine your baby as anything less than perfect. But newborns aren’t exactly masters of bodily functions just yet. In addition to any bottles and binkies, be sure to have back-up clothes and blankets picked out and handy when you take your newborn photos. Then be sure to have a backup for your backup. When something gets stained, stay calm. It’s all handled and expected!

Are you bringing the whole family along for the shoot? Pictures with older siblings and family pets are timeless additions to your albums and frames. And they don’t have to take years off your life! Check out my top tips for a stress-free family photo session here.

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