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Gallery: Spring Weddings

They say a life without love is like a year without spring. Good thing they also say no winter lasts forever; and no spring skips its turn. Spring weddings are some of my favorite events to photograph. Along with the beautiful symbolism of new life, the flowers are bright and colorful, the produce is fresh, and the weather is perfect with warmer, longer days, and cooler, cozy nights. Feeling inspired? Check out my spring weddings gallery below, along with some of the best reasons to start planning your own.

Nearly 30% of weddings take place between June and August.

That means spring weddings are more affordable, with more open and available dates to choose from! Springtime also offers the best of both worlds for weather, giving you the chance for warmer days and cooler nights. That means that you could have your ceremony or cocktail hour outdoors (without worrying about grandma getting a chill when it’s time for the big family photo), then move inside for a cozy, fun reception.

Spring weddings are technically held in the off-season for both weddings and travel.

That means fewer friends and family members will have scheduling conflicts, and your honeymoon flights will be cheaper! Likewise, your vendors will be more available (and might be running special spring pricing), and you’ll likely have more options to choose from for fresh foods and in-bloom floral arrangements.

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