Miami University Graduation Portraits

Graduation Portraits: Miami University

Calling all RedHawks! I’ll be back in Oxford, Ohio, April 17-21, to shoot graduation portraits with the Miami University Class of 2024! Graduates are some of my favorite subjects to photograph, and it’s always a blast capturing the excitement and pride that’s overflowing from each student. And as a former RedHawk myself, I’m especially partial to the incredible photo spots around this campus!

If you’re graduating from MU this spring, let’s get in touch ASAP. Spots will fill up quickly! In the meantime, let’s celebrate with some of my favorite shots from the Class of 2023…

Interested in booking graduation portraits while I’m on campus this spring? Check out the details of my Senior Experience here. I have three packages to chose from, plus an a-la-carte option that allows you to mix and match graduates and families. Choose a solo session or bring a whole group! After all, these are the people and places that shaped the last four years of your life. Your graduation portraits should reflect that! No matter the vision you have for your session, we can work together to make it something you love.  

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