Tips and Tricks for a Winter Wedding

A winter wedding can be beautiful, magical and romantic… with the proper planning and preparation, of course! There are seasonal things to keep in mind, like celebrating your union during the darker months when the sun goes down sooner and you simply don’t have as much sun in general, but if you got engaged over the holidays and want to have a year-long engagement, you’re probably looking for a stunning winter wedding. The good news is, most of the small challenges with winter are avoidable, and this blog post shares 20 simple tips and tricks to ensure your winter wedding goes smoothly. 

Winter Wedding Style

1. Invest in Accessories

Remember, it will be cold on your big day, so it will be important to accessorize to keep warm. A faux fur stole, a veil or a cape are all good options. Alternatively, you can opt for a long sleeve wedding dress.

Colorado Winter Wedding Photographer

2. Velvet for the Gentleman 

For grooms and groomsmen, a velvet blazer is ideal. It’s a nice thick fabric, which will keep the guys warm, plus it’s perfectly on-trend.

3. Don’t Forget Beauty Prep

Chapped lips and dry skin are inevitable come winter. Keep your lips moisturized in the run up to the wedding, use a good face moisturizer and have a chap stick in your makeup bag on the big day.

Couple smiling and laughing during Winter Wedding.

4. Add Some More Layers

If it’s really cold, you can wear thick tights under your wedding dress. If your skirt is long, nobody will even know! (This goes for your bridesmaids, too.)

Colorado Winter Wedding Photographer

5. Consider Stylish Winter Footwear

Boots can be a stylish (and practical) bridal shoe option for winter weddings, especially if it snows. (You can always change your shoes for the indoor portion of the reception.)

6. Indulge in Some Glitter

You can’t get more festive and wintery than bridesmaids in glitter. Sequin or glittery dresses are always easy to find come winter, and they look amazing in photos!

7. Keep Your Bridesmaids Warm

Don’t forget your bridesmaids will be cold, too! Make sure to have bridesmaid coverups, warm accessories and chap stick ready on the big day.

Winter Wedding Venues

8. Allow Extra Travel Time

Winter weather means bad traffic, so make sure everyone plans extra time for travel to your ceremony (no matter how near or far the trip).

9. Choose Just One Venue

If possible, plan to have your ceremony and reception at the same venue, or venues very near to each other. This not only makes transport easier and safer, but in case of bad weather, everyone can bunker down for the night together.

10. Add Romance With Candles

Remember, with a winter wedding, it will be dark quite early. Embrace it! Go for lots of romantic candle light in both your ceremony and reception space.

11. Choose A Winter Wedding Color Scheme 

Decorate in rich, warm tones of berry red, burgundy, black and gold. Add extra wintry romance with lots of natural greenery, or even a hint of tartan. Think cozy, warm colors and patterns!

12. Include A Coat Check

I know it seems simple, but it’s so often overlooked! Make sure you put someone in charge of taking coats at your reception, and have a system for making sure they’re kept safe.

13. Keep Your Guests Warm

Consider making an effort to ensure your guests are kept warm and cheery once they arrive. Include a “take one” blanket basket or offer tasty hot drinks on arrival.

14. Consider Seasonal Favors 

Give your guests blankets or pashminas, sparklers, holiday cookies, mulled wine spices, candy canes or little bottles of Baileys. All are cute and totally doable for a winter wedding favors!

15. Find A Winter Cake Topper

For a subtle winter wedding touch, get yourself a cute winter cake topper. Want to see what I mean? Have a look at our Simple and Inexpensive Winter Wedding Decor Ideas post.

16. Check Your Venues Décor Stash

Check to see if your venue has Christmas decorations or a holiday set up for the room where your wedding will be. They may already have the perfect winter look… You never know until you ask! (It’s also okay to ask they be taken down if they are not to your taste.)

Winter Wedding Photography

17. Timing is Everything 

It gets dark much earlier in the winter, so adjust your photo schedule to take advantage of any natural light (like taking portraits before your ceremony). If you’re not sure how to go about this, just chat with your photographer! They should have a good idea of what will work. Photos can be done indoors, but you may want to include some of the magical the winter scenery outdoors. 

A winter wedding in Chicago, Illinois captured by Colorado Wedding Photographer.

18. Rain or Snow, Be Prepared

Have nice umbrellas on stand by for any outdoor wedding photographs. They don’t have to be fancy – simple and black can often do the job, or check out Butterslip for some chic wedding options.

19. Don’t Ruin Your Heels

If you’re wearing heels, have another shoe option for your outdoor pics. You don’t want to be sinking into mud or snow in your expensive wedding shoes! 

20. Keep Your Hands Warm 

Ice cold, blue hands are not a good look in winter wedding pictures. This is where hand warmers come in… handy! You can normally find them at Walmart, Target, REI, and so many other stores. Alternatively, you can get crafty with some DIY hand warmers, or add gloves to your accessories list.

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