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How to Love Your Next Professional Headshot

In a world where your online presence and digital image are more important than ever, headshots have become a crucial part of any professional’s portfolio. These are the photos that introduce you to customers, potential clients, hiring managers, etc. through sites like LinkedIn, website bios, marketing collateral… the list goes on! So what does your professional headshot say about you? The goal is to portray professionalism, but also showcase your personality. Sounds like a tall order, right? Hit ’em with your best shot with these eight tips to love your next headshot!

Match your brand

Whether this photo is for a company or for your own business, be sure the colors you choose to wear match the branding. You want images that show you off, not make you clash. Using photo composition, and intentional clothing choices and facial expressions, your headshot can show that you fit right in with your peers.

Use proper lighting

When it comes to a clean, professional headshot, the more natural light, the better. Discuss options for location with your photographer, and decide if you want your photo taken indoors or outdoors. If you choose an indoor session, check on surrounding windows and use as much of the sun as you can. These photos should look natural, not stuffy or manufactured… and that includes the light!

Be comfortable, but be professional

Since most of us don’t wear a suit these days, for a professional headshot, consider a collared shirt or a nice blouse or sweater. Wearing something you’re familiar with will make you feel comfortable and relaxed, so don’t think too far outside the box, but don’t settle for your every day gear, either. For most entrepreneurs, your photo will be used on pricing guides, and sprinkled throughout social media posts. Choose an array of shirts/top combinations (3-4 options) paired with jeans, black or khaki pants. Neutral colors are always a good idea!

Keep hair/makeup simple

When it comes to looking professional, I’ve found that simple is best. In other words, don’t do something you wouldn’t normally do! If you want to get your makeup professionally done, ask the artist to keep your colors and overall look natural. For longer hair, loose curls look great, or loosely pull it all back to let your face be the focal point. For guys, make sure you’ve had a hair cut recently. Showing good hygiene, grooming and personal care will translate to responsible and conscientious attention to detail in a professional headshot.

Go in with confidence

Nobody said you have to be a model, but if you want to look confident in your photo, you need to be confident when it’s taken! If you’re nervous or timid about the experience, reach out and let your photographer know. They’ll likely be armed with prompts and poses to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera!

Stay loose

This one may sound simple, but it can be easy to forget… especially if you’re the subject (and one that’s not comfortable having photos taken). Take some deep breaths and release any tension from your face, neck and shoulders before you begin.  

Plan some props

Are you a videographer? A musician? An artist? Bring what you typically have with you to a session. You’d be surprised by the neat ways these tools can be naturally incorporated into photos! Plus, it shows off a little more personality than an ordinary glamour shot would.

Hire a professional

I can’t stress this enough: Don’t try to take the short cut on this one! You get one what you pay for, so if you’re really in need of a few good photos that you can have for long-term use, hire a professional and put the trust in their hands! You want to present yourself professionally. Let a professional do just that.

Are you ready to elevate your digital appearance? Do you need to update headshots that were taken years ago? Send me a message! Portrait sessions capture you at your best in every professional milestone.

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