Ways to See Your Guest's Wedding Photos

Four Ways to See Your Guest’s Wedding Photos

Nowadays, professional photos aren’t the only high-quality images taken on your wedding day. Want to see it all? You’re in luck! This week I’m sharing my favorite four ways to see your guest’s wedding photos!

ways to see your guest's wedding photos

Lining up an excellent wedding photographer is definitely a top priority for your big day, but odds are, every one of your guests will have a phone on hand with a camera at the ready. Smartphone lenses are getting fancier and fancier, too, and most are capable of capturing some pretty stunning photos.

More than that, your friends and family can see all the moments you don’t throughout the day, and capture them in a way that only your closest circle can see. So trust me when I say, you’re going to love seeing the moments your guests capture throughout the day (especially while you’re waiting for the professional album!).

So how do you do it? People don’t upload all their photos to Facebook anymore, and you’re likely not going to text every guest and ask for what they shot on their phones. Some people use social media and abide by the ever-so-clever wedding hashtag, but you can’t count on everyone to do that, or guarantee the hashtag is free from typos. It can be a frustrating guessing game! So, without further ado, here are my top four ways to see your guest’s wedding photos:

Have disposable cameras on hand

These are still a thing… and they’re fun! If you’re asking friends to put their phones down during the event and be present, having disposable cameras at a photo booth or at each table can be a fun way to get your guests to be involved. 

Pros: A throw-back that brings a physical camera back into the photo capturing game, and a fun way to your guests actively involved.

Cons: Your guests won’t be able to see all the photos (unless you share the digital versions). 

Go retro with vintage instant (polaroid) cameras 

A collection of mini polaroid-style cameras (that spit out the actual tangible photo) on the spot is the best! A few popular ones are FujiFilm Intsax Mini cameras, which come in pastels to match your wedding colors, making them super-cool wedding party favors, as well. They are incredible easy to use, so everyone from the flower girl to your great grandma can figure it out. Just point, shoot and smile! 

Pros: These cameras are gorgeous and the instant prints are definitely scrapbook worthy.

Cons: It’s a bit spendy if you want one for each table, and you’ll want to keep all the photos for yourself (so you’ll have to remind the guests to leave their pics behind).

Share a Google Photos or DropBox link with your guests 

The most common method for collecting and sharing photos these days is Google Photos or DropBox. And the best part? They’re free to use (unless you exceed the free storage space). Share a link at your wedding (like leaving a QR code on the tables) and let everyone pile on their photos. Heads up, though… things could get messy when everyone contributes without any prior review, so take note on that! 

Pros: Easy-to-use, and apps are household names that people are probably already using, or at least familiar with. 

Cons: You’ll be left with a folder full of photos without any rhyme, reason, filenames or chronological order.

Photo Sharing (and facial recognition!) with Waldo 

One of my favorite ways to see your guest’s wedding photos is with a newer app called Waldo. It’s a photo app powered by facial recognition! With Waldo, wedding guests can submit selfies via text or app and then get notified every time they appear in a photo. You’ll get every photo uploaded in high-resolution, and guests can print directly from Waldo albums. Waldo will even drop ship them! Save your favorites and let your guests pick theirs, too. Who knows, their new profile pic might be from your big day!

ways to see your guest's wedding photos

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