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Five Reasons to Do Family Portraits

Fun Fact: Did you know that having family portraits hung in your house increases childrens’ self-esteem? Research has shown that having loving portraits displayed around your house reminds children that family is important and honoring the memories created together is special. 

Whether you have a family portrait session every year or every few years, your choice to invest in photography matters. Family portraits bring everyone together and remind you of the love and joy that your family shares. During challenging times, family portraits can bring comfort and can heal. 

When I photograph family portraits, my goal is to capture those photos that show everyone looking at the camera mixed with the authentic moments of families. 

Here are five reasons why it’s always a good idea to say yes to family photos

Kids grow up fast! 

With each photo you take of your kids, you capture their growth and the development of your family. It might feel like getting ready and picking outfits is stressful, but when you have a moment to step back and relive all of those precious life moments, you’ll thank yourself later. 

Everyone will be in town. 

Whether you’re a family of annual photos or on the rare occasion you all make it for Thanksgiving, it’s a great time to get everyone together to take family portraits. 

I recently captured the Gaytan Family who travel as a large group of 18-plus every year on a family vacation; I admire their commitment to plan something together each year and how much they love family photos. They all got dressed up — the women did their hair and makeup — and they made it a really fun two hours. 

Capture life events. 

We know how fast life passes by — milestone birthdays, new schools, drivers’ licenses — and it’s worth taking time to pause. It’s a tough reality, but the sudden passing of family members can give even more meaning to your photos. When someone passes, the first thing we do is look for pictures of them to remember the good times and the life they lived. 

Consider it an activity, not just a portrait session. 

I tell this to my engagement and wedding couples: photo sessions don’t need to feel like an hour of awkward poses. It should feel like you’re going on a date! When done right, photo sessions are an opportunity to connect and have fun. If you’re going to put aside the time to take photos, treat it like a fun family activity. During my sessions, I like to give kids fun things to do and think about. I ask them to run away from the camera, tell me their favorite Disney characters, and more. No matter what the prompt is, I get them smiling and laughing. 

Continue the family legacy. 

I was sitting on the couch while my in-laws shared printed photos of their younger selves alongside their parents, as well as photos of my husband with his cousins as children. Everyone was passing around the photos laughing and smiling at the memories. During the holidays, it’s a lot of fun when the old photo albums come out and memories flood the room as relatives recount stories of their younger years. While kids may not care about photos at the time, they’ll be happy to have copies of those photos down the road. 

If you are someone who has opted out year after year for family portraits, I encourage you to do it; or surprise your family with it as a gift. Talk about the perfect holiday gift!

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