The Perks of Being a Wedding Photographer

Being a wedding photographer can be a challenging job. To be successful, you have to handle unexpected changes, navigate large crowds, and work with all different personality types. But all challenges aside, there are some unique perks you might not know about!

I believe that the best photographers are the ones who embrace human connection and find immense joy in seeing peoples’ faces light up. Whether it’s families, couples, or kids, you have to feel this sense of happiness and connection to these fleeting moments in time. A day in the life of a wedding photographer packs all that joy into an 8-12–hour whirlwind experience!

Read on to learn my five favorite things about being a wedding photographer.

Hearing the love letters.  

A great way for photographers and videographers to get stellar shots and B-roll is to have couples read love letters — either to or from each other — aloud. It’s a great quiet moment amid the chaos of rushing to get ready and out the door for the main event. I’d be lying if I said I don’t usually drop a tear behind my camera! You can feel the overwhelming happiness the brides and grooms have as they prepare to marry their forever person. 

Getting to know the bridal party.

It’s nerve-wracking to walk into a room filled with strangers as they’re laughing, singing, and dancing around to music. It’s like going to a party where you don’t know anyone other than the host. I feel an even larger pit in my stomach when I, a solo female, walk into a room of rowdy guys and start directing them to pull it together and be efficient. But as soon as I make a connection with just one person, I feel better — I feel excited. The bridal party become your friends and even helpers throughout the day, and it’s so fun to make a group of new connections on such a fun day.

Learning new customs and traditions.

From Catholic to Greek Orthodox to Hindu to Jewish ceremonies, every wedding is so different. The coolest part is seeing (and sometimes taking part in!) new traditions — not just in the religious sense, but also familial traditions. I always catch myself looking around and taking in these moments. To have a front row seat to such special moments in peoples’ lives where they are intertwining their family history and religious customs and traditions is incredibly special. 

Desserts are delicious.  

But you probably knew that already! Who doesn’t love free dessert on their way out the door? You get into your car after a 12-hour day, totally exhausted,, but still riding on adrenaline from all that fun and hard work. You peel the wrapper back from a cupcake and sink your teeth into the frosting … that sugar rush is the perfect reward! 

Spending an entire day (and getting paid!) to do what you love. 

Even today, I get a few nervous jitters before arriving at a wedding I’m photographing. I care so much; I love what I do and find so much joy in capturing these everlasting moments for couples. Weddings aren’t simply a social event — they weave threads from generation to generation. But they are a happy occasion, everyone (almost) is in a great mood, smiles are infectious, and it’s an absolute honor for the opportunity to preserve that feeling through photos. 

There are certainly more than five things I love, but these are my absolute favorites. It’s so important to find the joy in what you do, whether it’s photography, accounting, or teaching! I’d love to hear your favorite things about your job — or what things on my list surprised you! Head over to my Instagram and send me a DM to share.

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