Summer Wedding


Ladies and gentlemen, the summer weddings are in full swing! Did you know that more than a quarter of all 2023 weddings took place between June and August last year? With fewer commitments, warmer nights and gorgeous sunshine, it’s no wonder these months are the most popular—especially in colorful, scenic Colorado! Whether your 2024 summer wedding is fast approaching or you’re a 2025 bride-to-be, here are my 5 top tips to make the most of the season, and beat the heat for a perfect summer wedding.

1. Provide Some Shade

If you’re planning a backyard or park wedding, make sure you have some shady or indoor spaces available to keep your guests comfortable and safe from the elements. Try mixing elegance and shade with ceiling drapes, or go with clear-top tents or canopies instead. If you’re saying “I do” at an outdoor venue, ask about alternative spaces for rain as well as heat relief. If you’re not thrilled with the options, check in with your vendors. They might have some stylish solutions, too, like having themed umbrellas on hand to block sun in a pinch. 

2. Keep Things Light

When it comes to summer weddings, keep it light—in every sense of the word. Dark colors attract heat, so make sure your linens and floral palette create a cool and comfortable setting. Opt for lighter foods over warm, heavy plates, and make sure your menu is stocked with icy drinks and cool desserts. Stick with lemonades and flavored water until the reception has started since alcoholic beverages can lead to dehydration, and accent drinks and hors d’oeuvres with cooling flavors like cucumber and mint. 

3. For Summer Weddings: Relax the Dress Code

If you’ve always envisioned a black tie-affair, summer weddings might not be ideal. Even if your ceremony and reception are indoors, your guests still need to travel to and from the festivities in the summer heat—and that isn’t a great time to slip into a long black gown or full, formal tuxedo. If you have a gorgeous outdoor wedding in mind, I suggest relaxing your dress code to include seasonally appropriate, loose-fitting clothing. Bottom line: Your guests know what they need to spend a considerable amount of time in the summer sun, and that might look different for everyone in attendance on your big day.

4. Style for the Season

Speaking of dress code, be sure to keep the summer temps in mind when you style yourself and your bridal party. Choose elegant updos over (potentially sweaty) trailing tresses for the girls, and go with fewer layers in lighter colors for the guys. Save the smokey eyes for another day, and choose a natural makeup look that compliments some naturally rosy cheeks. And always have some spare powder, antiperspirant/deodorant and blotting sheets on hand to touch up any sweaty spots throughout the day.

5. Be Prepared

Whatever Mother Nature has planned for summer weddings, make sure you have what it takes to keep you and your guests cool, calm and comfortable. Keep plenty of icy coolers full of bottled water and baskets of sunscreen nearby, and have some ice packs chilling on standby in case of any overheating. Equip the tables at your reception with small, battery-powered fans or misters, and plan any physical activities like dancing after the sun goes down. Have some light hand towels or moist towelettes available for your guests, as well as paper/program fans or welcome kits designed to help everyone stay sun smart. 

Concerned about the sun? Don’t worry! Summer is the most popular wedding season for a reason, be it for the gorgeous weather (which means gorgeous photos!), all the fresh flowers and produce, or simply the optimal travel time. With a little bit of consideration, it’s still the perfect time to celebrate your love. However you choose to beat the heat at your summer wedding, above all, make sure you’re staying true to your wedding and its theme. After all, the focus of the day’s events should be the bride and groom—not the weather.