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Love is in the air, and my schedule is filling up with mini session Valentine photos!! Whether a professional shoot is on your dance card, or you just want to take some swoon-worthy pics to share from your phone, here are my top tips for taking the sweetest Valentine photos.

For Couples:

1. Dress the part

Ditch the same old selfies and mark the occasion! No matter if it’s your first holiday together or your 50th, nothing says Valentine’s Day like reds, pinks, and heart-heavy prints. To make these snaps true Valentine photos, throw on your favorite little red dress, and coordinate with your date. It’s fun, and your photos will sing! 

Valentine photos

2. Use grown-up props

You didn’t think props were just for kids and senior pictures, did you? Holding a simple themed piece can elevate your Valentine photos no matter how many years you’ve been together! So sneak a smooch behind a heart-shaped lollipop, hold hands beneath a single red balloon, or cozy up to your sweetheart with a bouquet of pink flowers. Not your style? Sip some poured heart latte art instead!

3. Focus on the details

Every love story is unique, and the details of yours should be celebrated! Recreate your first date, spend the day doing your favorite activity together, or revisit some of the milestones in your relationship for your Valentine photos. Still get butterflies when you hold hands? Include a close-up of your hands in your shot list! Focusing on the details of your love will help remind you why you’re celebrating this day… not to mention they’ll make your heart swell every time you look at them!

For Kids: 

1. Incorporate letter boards

Make sure your photos say what you want them to say! It’s tricky enough getting kids to focus on photos. Make it clear these are Valentine photos with a simple “Be Mine” or “LOVE” on a letter board, chalkboard or paper heart. Have your kids hold it up, or just set it beside them where the text is easy to read!

2. Make a backdrop

Let’s face it, kids aren’t exactly known for holding still. Using a backdrop can ensure that your shot is set up regardless of wiggles! Now, I know what you’re thinking, but making a backdrop for Valentine photos is easier than you think! Hang a plain white sheet up on the wall, then blow up some red and pink balloons, attach some red paper hearts, or just spread some red and pink pillows and blankets out on the ground. If all else fails, head to the nearest dollar store or party store. Their seasonal aisles are full of Pinterest-perfect items!

Valentine photos

3. Make it FUN!

In all my years as a photographer, if there’s one thing I’ve learned about taking photos of babies and kids, it’s that the very best shots come from the totally authentic moments. Make sure you capture the real smiles by making each photo full of fun! Include their very own heart-themed arts and crafts, eat candy hearts, or have them blow bubbles. Make games with balloons, ask them to dance to their favorite song, or even play a round of freeze dance. The giggles that follow will make for some pretty amazing Valentine photos! 

For Families: 

1. Make it Interactive 

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of relationships. So why not take your Valentine photos while spending time together? Instead of going portrait style, try taking some staged and candid photos while you’re making red velvet pancakes, heart-shaped pizzas, or wiggley heart jello shapes. You’ll make memories, and capture your family relationships in real time. 

2. Make a DIY Photo Booth

All you need are some popsicle sticks, glue and construction paper! Cut out some hearts, lips, or heart-shaped glasses. Make fancy top hats or red roses, or string hearts together to make a crafty garland! Enjoy spending time creating together, then show off your handiwork photo booth style! 

3. Heart Hands

The easiest way to nail some cute Valentine photos? Heart hands! Pose your family making heart shapes with your hands and shadows, or simply draw hearts on your palms with a washable red marker. Put your hands together, or keep them close to your heart! The love will literally leap off your images.