Synchronized Skating Photo Books


SArnold Photo specializes in customizing photo books specifically for your synchronized skater with an artistic layout and design. These books are perfect gifts for end-of-the-year banquets and graduating seniors.



Synchronized skating seasons come and go, but the memories are what last a lifetime. Order a photo book this holiday season so that you have something to look back on years from now.


Testimonial by a synchronized skating parent from 1999-2012:

“From the time my daughter began to skate, I never missed a competition (with the exception of the one when her brother was sick.)  I recall the card she gave me before she went to college where she wrote that during every competition she looked up into the stands and I was there with my camera around my neck. I was.  That was true.  We had a little neighborhood photo developer and I would run over the morning after the competition and drop off my film asking to have 3 copies made.  One was for me, one was for my mother and one was for my mother-in-law to put in our albums and on our refrigerators.

How grateful I am today to be able to put my fingers on these photos.  How happy I am that I know where I put them and how I filed them because digital access isn’t always available. In later years, and still today, I scan paper photos but am so very thrilled I have them to do so.  As a parent of a skater, I can’t express enough how I love the ease of digital but most highly recommend printing your favorites or better yet, having them bound into a customized photo book!” 




Skaters send their favorite photos from the season (iPhone, Android, Samsung, or digital SLRs pictures, including both on-ice action photos and team off-ice photos.)

Pictures will be proofed to ensure resolution is high enough for printing. It’s preferred that photos are sent via email or Dropbox to preserve the full resolution of the photos.)

Once photos are approved, SArnold Photo will compile pictures into a book just for the skater, with an artistic layout and design.



If 5 copies from your team are ordered, each person will receive 20% off your book.

If 10 copies from your team are ordered each person will receive 30% off your book.

If 15 or more copies from your team are ordered, each person will receive 40% off your book.



All books starting at $250 USD

11 x 13” size, hardcover, image wrap

50 pages ($4 per additional page)

Includes production and editing time

Does not include shipping & sales tax

To place an order for a customized book, click here.