SArnold Photo Style and Philosophy


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When my eye meets the viewfinder, I’m a photojournalist. I capture memories through my lens by paying attention to all the nuances between human-interaction. Whether it is a coy smile, burst of laughter, teardrop running down a cheek, hug between grandparents and grandchildren or tender kiss between a bride and groom when nobody is looking, my strength lies in capturing moments that people never want to forget with their loved ones. 


I’m a dependable and reliable storyteller. I like to keep the photos as natural as possible, allowing the couple’s story to unfold on its own. There are times posing people is necessary including group bridal shots, family photos, lifestyle portraits, or during an engagement shoot when a couple needs just a nudge of direction to get going. 

I almost always shoot weddings with a second photographer. While it certainly can be done with one, I want to bring the highest quality talent to your wedding day and believe there are too many angles to be noticed. 


I love my work and I believe in my work, but thinking I’m some sort of genius – in this moment in history, I don’t think there’s space for more of those types of people. I think we have to collaborate in every sense, and I truly believe my best work is when I work with amazing people who have amazing ideas.”
-Gustavo Marx

Marx couldn’t have said this more perfectly. I’m the first person to admit that I am always up for cross-collaboration and working with other photographers. This industry is filled with creatives with passion, enthusiasm and a desire to be the best artists they can be. Some of my most prominent inspiration is drawn from the Instagram community.