Wedding photography is one of the most important components of your big day. After all, your wedding pictures are the biggest keepsakes! As you’ve researched all-things wedding in preparation, you’ve probably come across tons of info about photography, like do’s and don’ts and things you need to keep in mind when it comes to perfecting your wedding day photos. While there is a lot of truth out there, there’s also a lot of fiction that not only isn’t helpful, but ultimately won’t serve you at all. Need some help deciphering what’s what? Let’s dive in and debunk the top five myths out there about wedding photography!

Myth #1: My friend or family member can do my wedding photography

I know weddings cost a lot of money, so in an effort to cut costs, sometimes it seems like a good idea to consider asking a friend or relative who has dabbled in photography in exchange for experience and portfolio growth. While you might think that’s a good idea (after all, your iPhone photos look pretty good most of the time!), photography is not something you want to skimp on when it comes to your wedding. The talent and experience of a professional photographer is priceless. They know how to work angles and lighting in a way that will shine through beautifully with your photos, and they know how to capture the best moments without interrupting them. Your photos are meant to last a lifetime, so make sure they can stand the test of time.

Myth #2: The more expensive the photographer, the better

Sometimes you do get what you pay for, which means some qualified professional photographers might charge more than others and will be worth it. But that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily better or right for you and your wedding. Understanding the tone and style of what you desire for your wedding is key. You also want to look at the quality, consistency and editing of the photographer’s work. Use your judgment while knowing that what you pay can go a long way. 

Myth #3: The more photos you have, the better

No doubt you’ve heard this one before. After all, if you have a ton of photos to choose from, you’re sure to find more beautiful, social media-worthy shots, right? Not always. If you think about it, if you’re committing to a photography package that includes 1,000 photos, then your photographer will feel pressured to get as many shots as possible, which might mean you’ll be receiving extra photos of guests and centerpieces that you really don’t need or want. When it comes to wedding photography, it’s quality over quantity. By selecting the package of photos that you need, you allow your photographer to really focus on the shots that are truly important. Trust me, you will feel overwhelmed even with 500-600 images from your wedding day. Sometimes less is more!

Myth #4: I can direct the photographer to get the shots I want

While you’ll likely have a desired shot list, directing your photographer isn’t the best idea. Not only are you adding stress to your already full plate, you’re not allowing the photographer to do the job you’re paying them to do! Trust their ability. You chose to hire them for a reason! Miscommunications are bound to occur, not to mention feelings of frustration, and there could be a lot of time wasted when you should be focused on celebrating the love of your life.

Myth #5: Group shots won’t take that long

The group shots, whether it’s with the bride and groom and the wedding party, or posed family photos, might make meaningful memories, but they also will take up a chunk of your time. You might not think it’s necessary to have a schedule of who needs to be photographed and when, but it won’t hurt. Plan out the group shots and include that within your wedding timeline so it can be as seamless as possible. You’d be surprised to see that some bridal party and/or family photos can take anywhere from 30-60 minutes depending on the size and number of shots you’re hoping to get. For large group shots, plan for 10 minutes per shot to ensure you get it just right. 

You can’t always believe what you read or hear about wedding photography! When in doubt, ask the photographer yourself if you have any questions that need clarification. Go with your gut, and remember your wedding photos are probably the one keepsake from your wedding that will stand the test in time. Invest in them wisely!

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With very few exceptions, your wedding day is typically the most photographed day of your life. With so many images serving as proof of the day, it’s no wonder you want everything to look perfectfrom the flowers to the food and decorations. But nothing can upstage the bride, right? While it’s not the first priority in planning your dream wedding, your hair and makeup is a big piece of the visual puzzle. Sound stressful? Don’t worry! There are tons of great options for these services that will make your day easy and fun as you look your very best. But before we get to my favorite Colorado hair and makeup artists, let’s start with these five tips, straight from a wedding photographer herself:

• Take your wedding season into consideration. Unsure which shade of foundation to go with? Think about if you’re going to have a sun-kissed glow or if you’ll be rocking this look in the middle of winter.

• Choose a lipstick that’s all YOU. Nothing can be more uncomfortable than having a makeup artist suggest a color you’re not a fan of… Go with a color that feels natural and also gives you your favorite pop of color. 

• Drink plenty of water before the big day. Hydrated skin will allow for the best makeup application! 

• Don’t skimp on the makeup trial. Seriously, having a chance to try things out and change your mind means feeling confident and happy in the knowledge that the look on your big day is just right.

• Keep a few beauty products on-hand throughout the wedding day. It’s common to leave a makeup trial convinced you need to buy the translucent powder and lipstick. Truthfully, it’s very helpful to have these products on hand (ask your maid of honor to hold onto them for you) so that you can touch up between photos. 

Okay… Ready to dive in? Here we go, eight Colorado hair and makeup artists that I’ve gotten to know and love! 

Colorado hair and makeup artists

Blush Dry Bar

Blush opened in January 2018 just south of Downtown Colorado Springs. They specialize in blowouts, up-dos, makeup, lash extensions and hair extensions. Whether you’re the bride, a bridesmaid or just a woman who wants to be pampered, they can cater to you. They believe in beauty through authenticity and want you to leave feeling like the best version of you!

The Day On Location Beauty

The Day On Location Beauty is the bridal beauty DREAM TEAM. This premier, on-location bridal beauty company works together as a team of stylists to accommodate brides and bridal parties of all sizes. The stylists are experienced and licensed, and look forward to talking with you about all of your bridal beauty needs. The hairstylists offer memorable and one-of-a-kind bridal hairstyles, and the makeup artists can customize your dream bridal look from more natural to full-on glam.

Blo Dry Bar 

Looking for a place that has quick and affordable hair styles? Regardless of the event, Blo Dry Bar has so many services to take advantage of, from quick curls to elegant up-dos, their services and staff are above the rest. And beautiful hair is just the beginning! They offer makeup looks for any occasion, and plenty of other luxurious services, too.

Brook Mae Salon / Boho Bridal Hairstylist

Brook is an independent hair company specializing in polished textures, natural and effortless looks, intricate details, loose twists and braids. While she focuses her business on hair specifically, Brook works very closely with many of the best local makeup artists and can provide plenty of excellent recommendations!

Charmed Beauty

Charmed Beauty is a boutique wedding business, specializing in bridal hair and makeup design. Based in Denver, the Charmed team will travel for your big day, including events in Estes Park, Vail, Breckenridge, Boulder, Arvada, Colorado Springs, Parker, Castle Rock, and all surrounding areas. Want to give them a test drive? Charmed serves engagement photoshoots, high school senior photos, prom, homecoming, and all your other special occasions.

Lush and Lather

Lush and Lather is home to a collection of independent salon professionals, all housed within the same cozy four walls. Each stylist prides themselves on a different specialty and maintains their own scheduling, services, and pricing. 

Eléposh Hair & Makeup Artistry

For most brides, nothing is more important than picturing how they’ll look walking down the aisle for the first time. They’ve planned that moment for months and dreamt of that day most of their lives. Eléposh can make the vision of elegance and style come to reality.

I Do Beauty Boutique

Located in Denver, I Do Beauty Boutique provides high-quality, professional hair and makeup services. Their experienced professionals are highly skilled in creating dazzling wedding-day looks, and offer a range of services. Their ultimate goal is to make every client feel truly special.

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